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If you are expecting luscious hot women, beautiful sensual babes that blow your mind and expert delivery when you enter Playboy TV you won’t be disappointed. There is more though! This channel is a lot more raunchier than you might expect if you have been a fan of Playboy since you were a lad many years ago. Things have definitely heated up here on the Playboy Channel.

You still get the sexy bodies, the unbelievably gorgeous women, but here they are just getting into a lot more sex than they used to. Lesbians kissing tongue deep in each others mouths while another beautiful creature cheers them on is the order of the day. There are sultry bondage scenes, topless kittens bungee jumping and lethal bodied blondes shooting with machine guns help to create a sort of James Bond meets naked Goddess kind of vibe.

This Playboy network does retain its classy sophisticated approach which sets them apart from regular porn sites and the charm and adorable personalities of the girls still shines through. This is what has made Playboy a mainstay in the market their basic stance that pornography need not be brash to survive.

A nice little is addition is ‘The Truth About Sex’ which shows experiments and research data collected on so called myths such as breast size and intelligence in women as well as foot size and dick size in men. Women sitting on stage masturbating together to see if they can cum with their arm in a bucket of ice water, this is pretty kinky and heady stuff. The best part is that everyone learns something about stereotypes. Well, that may not be the best part, wink! Girl on girl love is examined and girls share their lesbian encounters as part of the sex educational.

There is plenty of sex on offer and it is beautifully show-cased as one might expect of this classy site in excellent HD quality. The nice part is it can stream from your TV so it is like continuous porn and naked chicks all day long if you want. There is plenty to watch and it happens to be very entertaining too.

It’s a bit like a dream come true, particularly if you loved the Playboy Magazines as now you will have these gorgeous babes streaming into your home on your TV all day and night if you want! The idea is pure fantasy turned reality!